A Thread Through Time: The EW Textile Legacy

2 mins 6 Dec 2023

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the stories woven into the very fabric of your surroundings? At Edinburgh Weavers, we believe in preserving the rich tapestry of British textiles—a history that serves as both a treasure trove of inspiration for today’s designers and a beacon for future artists.

As you delve into the annals of our website, you’ll discover the fascinating journey of Edinburgh Weavers, a journey that began in 1928 and has left an indelible mark on the world of textiles. What once were contemporary designs have transformed into archival treasures, capturing 100 years of historical importance. Our mill is also situated in the North West of England, the heart of the industrial revolution and the area with most significance in the history of the British textile trade.

In the Robin Hood Mill in Lancashire, built in 1882, Ursula Greenwood, our passionate textiles advocate and managing director, is on a mission to safeguard this legacy. Regular visits to auctions like Sworders have seen the return of cherished pieces to our design studio, proudly adorning the walls of our mill.


The two most recent acquisitions are “Design for Alphabet” by Kenneth Rowntree (1915-97), designed in 1958 and printed on cotton,

and “A ‘Warriors’ Textile”, a jacquard weave designed by Dame Elisabeth Frink in 1960.

While the Victoria & Albert Museum in London faithfully preserves our narrative, nothing compares to the daily inspiration of standing in our studio, surrounded by the rich tapestry of Edinburgh Weavers’ incredible textile history. Our designers and the artists they collaborate with, find inspiration in the past whilst studying future trends with platforms like Pattern Curator.

Having our archive designs within reach provides inspiration from a colour and pattern perspective and reminds us of the human stories that have been imbued into the fabric over its lifetime. Because just like these archive pieces, the art we create here will be an integral part of everyday lives for generations to come.

Explore our current artwork collection, immerse yourself in the limited edition cushion collection or fabric by the metre, and perhaps, by doing so, become a part of the ongoing narrative of Edinburgh Weavers.

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