A Touch of Christmas Luxury: Velvet Explored

2 mins 14 Dec 2023

Delving into the origins of velvet unveils a rich history rooted in opulence.

Initially crafted solely from pure silk, this sumptuous fabric found its place among the elite, gracing the residences of aristocrats. The smooth nap and dense velvet pile not only provided a regal aesthetic but also bestowed upon it exceptional draping and durability, making it synonymous with luxury. 

Its resilience, characterised by minimal risk of pulling, looping, or piling, solidifies velvet as an enduring symbol of sophistication. As we explore easy ways to infuse luxury into your Christmas, understanding the historical evolution and textile mastery behind velvet offers a profound appreciation for this timeless symbol of extravagance.

So how should you incorporate velvet into your interiors? Here are some tips for you to achieve that comfy luxury that we all crave this time of year:

1. Rich Colour Palette: Opt for deep, jewel-toned velvet cushions in hues like emerald, burgundy, or navy to evoke a sense of opulence and warmth during the holiday season.

2. Mix Textures: Combine velvet with other textures like faux fur or metallic finishes for a visually interesting and cosy ambience. This adds depth to your decor and enhances the luxurious feel.

3. Contrast with Neutrals: Balance the richness of velvet by pairing it with neutral tones like cream, beige, or grey. This contrast enhances the sophistication of the velvet while maintaining a cosy atmosphere.

4. Layering: Experiment with layering velvet cushions on your sofas or chairs. Mix different sizes and shapes for a dynamic and inviting seating arrangement.

5. Drapery and Throws: Extend the use of velvet beyond cushions by incorporating velvet drapery or throws. These larger pieces can make a bold statement and tie the festive theme together.

Of course, we are strong advocates for velvet all the year round! However, comfort and luxury are of utmost importance in the Christmas period, with those long dark days drawing in around us. To stay updated with more insights and tips from our design studio, follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn!

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